Kenyans In Jacksonville Association (KIJA) is an association of people of Kenyan descent who live and work in Jacksonville, Florida.The association was formed on 09/02/2018. It was established by Kenyans in Jacksonville as a way to satisfy the need to offer a platform to socialize, engage, unite and assist one another.

KIJA is a non-profit organization and an all-inclusive and non-partisan group that seeks to promote the economic, social and political welfare of Kenyans in Jacksonville, Florida and neighboring towns.

We are dedicated to upholding and maintaining our rich Kenyan heritage while enhancing a smooth cultural transition and inclusion into the United States and the recognition of our diverse Kenyan cultures.

We aim to promote, protect and foster the advancement of our individual and collective aspirations as Kenyans in Jacksonville, Florida, our new home away from home.

The mission of KIJA is to create a forum for networking and social interaction of the Kenyans in Jacksonville as well as to strengthen the collective desires of improving the welfare of Kenyans in education, profession, health, insurance and many other spheres in life.

KIJA’s vision is to empower people of Kenyan descent living in Jacksonville, Florida, and other neighboring towns, to pursue activities that enable them to realize their individual and collective aspirations.

KIJA’s goals are multifaceted, but they include but NOT limited to –

  1. To provide a forum for the sharing of our unique and Kenyan heritage
  2. To encourage, promote and assist the spirit of entrepreneurship among Kenyans living in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida in general
  3. To assist members in times of calamity and unforeseen hardship
  4. To create a platform for interacting with each other and enable our children to mingle
  5. To promote the peaceful coexistence of the Kenyans living and working in Jacksonville and beyond
  6. To promote a forum to discuss and monitor the issues affecting Kenyans both in Jacksonville and elsewhere
  7. To promote the shared values, goals and aspirations among Kenyans in Jacksonville and the rest of the Kenyans, both at home and in the diaspora