Ron Gwendo moved from Kenya to live in the US about 20 years go. He went to Richard Stockton college in New Jersey.
After college, Ron moved to North Carolina for work and lived there until 2014 when he met his wife and decided to relocate to Jacksonville.
Ron and his wife have a couple of business ventures here on the First Coast.
Ron also has a great passion for cooking and he makes a a wide variety of mouth-watering, Kenyan inspired delicacies. Ron is a chef extraordinaire when it comes to grilling including fish, chicken, goat, beef, etc. He also does stews as well as chapo, pilau etc. He was recently contracted by Growers Alliance Cafe, a Kenyan themed coffee shop in St. Augustine, to supply both beef and veggie samosas which are served at the cafe.
Ron also loves to diversify his cooking to include other cuisines for example Italian, American, Chinese and Indian. He hopes to open a restaurant in Jacksonville before the end of 2019.